Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well obviously this blog has not been added to for some time and it has not really begun delivering what we plan to do.

Drew's journal can be found at if your interested in an athletes perspective.

So here at Rowing Insiders we are suggesting anyone who wnats to add a comment and suggest to us any topics they would like us to look into, we will do our best to find out what we can and share what we know. We will see what this interest might be.

We do plan to make this an interesting and informative blog on rowing and as our time free's up from other commitments we will do our best to make it happen.

All suggestions welcome.



Anonymous Chris Riddell said...

Not quite sure what it is that you want to discuss or even if you will find this but this is my thought/issue.
I was having a long conversation with a friend the other day and he was of the belief that in the world out of all the rowing styles in the world that there must be one best style which may be a style already ot there, an amalgamation of many or one that hasn't even been thought of. Accompanying this there is also the perfect body dimensions, muscle sizes, muscles types and obviously areobic systems etc capacities.
I on the otherhand was of the belief that there is no one technique that is superior and so long as an individual/crew rows to suit their body style and trains their body to suit that style that they can also move as fast.
What do you think?

9:24 PM  

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